Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What a weekend!?

For those of you who only follow us on the blog...here's what has been up at our house. After a fun-filled morning of Easter Egg hunting Saturday, we decided to go to my parent's house and jump on the trampoline and eat supper. After being there less than a hour, this is what happened...

...a broken leg. So, we spent the rest of the evening at the ER and missed all of the Easter festivities on Sunday, which we were pretty bummed about. Here's what we did instead.

This is after we got back from the ER on Sat. night. Notice the bunny has a cast too.

The Easter Bunny then came and dropped off Allie's goodies.

The Easter Bunny brought Allie and Ariel kite which has been a blessing the past couple of days. It's something she can do from her wagon.

And since we didn't get to wear our Easter dresses on Sunday, here's Allie's. Maybe we will get to wear it soon.

So, we go to the Dr. on Wednesday to get a cast and see how long we are going to be like this. Hopefully not long...prayers please.

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